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Mentors help people learn and develop. Mentoring, therefore, has the potential to make a valuable contribution to staff in terms of personal and organisational development. It ties in closely with the emphasis we place on personal and professional development, and it promotes knowledge sharing across the organisation. Similarly the mentors on board are have their own area of expertise, which will help the startups to grow and succeed in their area of work with the most valuable inputs. Our mentors have extensive knowledge in technology, marketing, economics, financing, management, etc.


Dr. Ferdinand Rodricks

Director: Ferro Equip


Tanushree Sharma


Project Coordinator: Incubation Masters


Dhananjay Khanzode

Director: Technology Business Incubator

Founder: Supernova Incubation

Sunita Sharma.png

Sunita Sharma

Astrologer & Business Consultant

Harish Keswani.jpg

Harish Keswani

Marketing Technologist

Consulting CMO

Simran Dialani.jpg

Simran Dialani

Director: Smaran Developers Pvt. Ltd.

Vikas Shinde.jpg

Dr. Vikas Shinde

Director: Viswaniketan Sankul

Dinesh Gupta.jpg

Dr. Dinesh Gupta

Mindset Coach

Spiritual Corporate Trainer


Dhruv Sampat

Analytics Leader


K.T.V. Talele

Coordinator, S.P. T.B.I

Coordinator, I.E.D.C.



Gunarjun Chawla

Supporting Ventures in their Journey

Jayesh Khade.jpg

Jayesh Khade

Advisor, World Trade Centre Navi Mumbai,

Director,  Innovinc Global Incubation

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